Exclusive Catering

for private business aviation

Serving you 24/7, 365 days a year

Creation & supply of food & beverages including special dietary needs, kosher & halal food, and all types of world cuisine Provision of crockery, cutlery, glasses and napkins, fresh flowers, newspapers, laundy & dry cleaning service, butler service


Do you need any coffee, espresso, hot water or tea caddies for your flight? Just let us know if you would prefer it served in thermos flasks or filled up on board of the aircraft.


We offer a wide range of light meals and appetizers that can be enjoyed on short flights or before a main course. Choose from our range of bread and pastries, soup and sandwiches or our selection of finger foods and fresh salads.

Main Courses

Our menu caters for every taste with world cuisine dishes, grilled meat, fish and a selection of vegetarian choices. We also offer speciality caviar and a kids menu.


To complement our main courses, we have a selection of classic desserts from around the world as well as ice cream and freshly made cakes and tarts.